Meet The Senior Pastor


Hi friends,

You are welcome to Precious Peoples Assembly for all nations (PPAfan) world in Christ. The world has indeed become a global village such that at the click of a button you can connect in a virtual tour to any part of it you desire. We thank you for being part of our world in Christ and I trust God that as you explore our website you will find the resources available here useful to you and through them be a partaker of God’s grace upon us and a help towards your fulfilling the calling and purpose He has set out and called you into from the foundation of the world.



In 2017, the Lord set us up on a journey to be Ten Times Better and He began to reveal opportunities to us. Even though the recession bit very hard, the Lord Himself saw us through as His people and His church. As the year 2017 ended we were well positioned as a church to be ten times better and ushered into Good success.
Thus 2018 began with an assurance of God as He spoke to me from the book of Zephaniah. In a vision of the night He walked me through the entire book and ended with the assurance that He will cause the year to be one of Total Recovery from the shame of past years. He said He will deal with all who have afflicted us and He will save the lame. The lame representing those who have no capacity in one area or the other, the helpless and under serviced. We also know from scriptures that it’s the lame that takes the prey!!
Furthermore, the Lord said that He will not just cause us to recover all the lost grounds but He will appoint us for praise and fame. However, there are conditions: Obedience, obedience and obedience!!! Our ability to hearken to God’s instructions and the readiness to obey His leading must be our hallmark in our various fields of endeavour and marketplaces.

With our movement from our rented hall to our permanent site in Jahi Sector Centre A0 under an uncompleted building and canopies in September 2017 to the dedication of our auditorium in August 2018, we are grateful to God for confirming His words unto us and in the various lives of His people in PPAfan. While it’s one thing for a man to be appointed and not be confirmed, God is set not just to appoint us but to give us and confirm us for fame and praise and ultimately bring us into Good Success. Zeph 3:19-20.

The problem has never really been with God or His words, it has been how to convert His words and mysteries into tangible realities and manifestation in our everyday life and marketplace activities.

Joseph was able to interpret Pharaoh’s seemingly bad dream of Egypt experiencing seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine that will be so severe that even the memory of the good years will be erased. ‬‬Gen 41:29-31. However as bad as the dream was, with the wisdom of God Joseph was able to present a strategic interpretation and implementation framework that turned the seemingly bad dream into one that made the whole world come to buy grain at the feet of Joseph in fulfilment of the dreams he had as a young lad when the sun and the moon and eleven stars bowed to him. The sun, the moon and the stars representing the world everywhere the rays of the sun, moon and stars shine to!!
Friends, I have no doubt that the Lord will manifest His wisdom for strategic interpretation and implementation of your dream to bring you into Good success as you join us in fellowship either in person if you are based in Abuja or online via our cyber church at wwww.ppafan.org from your base in your part of the globe.
I will see you at the TOP!! God Bless.


Pastors Sam & Esther OTENAIKE